06-17-1995 KROQ Weenie Roast

Date: 06-17-1995
Location: Irvine, CA
Venue: Irvine Meadows Amphitheater (KROQ Weenie Roast)

01- Cinnamon Girl (small part) *Neil Young cover
02- Plump
03- Beautiful Son
04- Miss World
05- Asking For It
06- Take Away Jam
07- Softer, Softest
08- Angels Took Him Away (small part) *Mississippi John Hurt cover
09- Violet
10- Sugar Coma
11- Olympia/Touch the Sky/Burn Black

Surfaced: Audio. 37 minutes. Video (2 different angles). Pro-Shot Clips aired on MTV.

Hole Lineup: Courtney Love (Guitar/Vocals), Eric Erlandson (Guitar), Melissa Auf Der Maur (Bass/Background Vocals), and Patty Schemel (Drums).

Other Bands: The Ramones, White Zombie, Soul Asylum, Rancid, Rage Against the Machine, Bush, The Orb, Sponge, Elastica, Matthew Sweet, Throwing Muses, Better Than Ezra, Sublime, Chub


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Photos 20-27: Unknown Photographers