10-11-1998 Kentish Town Forum

Date: 10-11-1998
Location: London, England
Venue: Kentish Town Forum (MGD Blind Date Contest)

01- Celebrity Skin
02- Miss World
03- Reasons to Be Beautiful
04- Hit So Hard
05- Pretty On the Inside
06- Doll Parts
07- Use Once & Destroy
08- It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue *Bob Dylan cover
09- Malibu
10- Asking For It
11- Awful
12- Violet
13- Northern Star

Surfaced: No.

Hole Lineup: Courtney Love (Guitar/Vocals), Eric Erlandson (Guitar), Melissa Auf Der Maur (Bass/Background Vocals), and Samantha Maloney (Drums).

Other Bands: The Cure

Notes: A “Blind Date” concert sponsored by Miller Genuine Draft. 500 contest winners were flown to the UK, not knowing which bands they were going to see. This was Samantha Maloney’s first full length live show with Hole and the band’s first show since 1995.


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Photos: Unknown Photographer.