11-21-1991 Camden Underworld

Date: 11-21-1991
Location: London, England
Venue: Camden Underworld

01- Doll Parts
02- Pretty On the Inside
03- ??
04- Violet
05- Teenage Whore
06- ??
07- ??
08- ??
09- Mrs. Jones
10- ??
11- Dicknail

Surfaced: Audio. 45 Minutes. Not widely circulated.

Hole Lineup: Courtney Love (Guitar/Vocals), Eric Erlandson (Guitar), Jill Emery (Bass), and Carolyn Rue (Drums).

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Notes: Courtney stage dived and was aggressively mauled by the audience. The experience became part of the inspiration for Asking For It.



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Photos by Ed Sirrs, Steve Gullick