11-27-1991 Le Transbordeur

Date: 11-27-1991
Location: Villeurbanne, France
Venue: Le Transbordeur

01- Violet
02- The Only Rape I Know
03- Teenage Whore
04- Berry
05- Dicknail
06- Dicknail / Sassy
07- Where Did You Sleep Last Night? *Leadbelly cover
08- Violet
09- Hot Chocolate Boy / Forming *Beat Happening & Germs covers
10- Drown Soda
11- Doll Parts
12- Teenage Whore

Surfaced: Audio and Video. 36 Minutes.

Hole Lineup: Courtney Love (Guitar/Vocals), Eric Erlandson (Guitar), Jill Emery (Bass), and Carolyn Rue (Drums).

Other Bands:

Notes: The band dealt with an overactive smoke machine throughout the show. Courtney interrupted Dicknail when it became unbearable.