Fan Review: Ainslie

Eric came out to the left of the stage. Sam and Melissa came out from the right, then Courtney made her grand entrance from Eric’s side. I couldn’t believe that Courtney was there in front of us, she looked extremely beautiful and glowing, and I was just in absolute awe. I also couldn’t believe how stunning and different Melissa looked all made up. Courtney mumbled something into the mic when she came out, but I was just so stupefied I couldn’t really hear what it was. hehe. They started out with “Violet” and we sang and screamed and danced. Next, they went straight into “Awful”, not giving us any time to recover, and it was soooo good live, that total poppy beat just making everyone go crazy. I love that song. In between songs, I tried to take photos, but it was hard. The crowd seemed to be getting rougher and rougher, and after a few more songs, we couldn’t take it anymore. Courtney was telling people to move back and stop squashing everyone, but no one took any notice, they just kept pushing and pushing. There were some nice guys near us who said to tell them if we couldn’t take it, that they would help us out. During “Heaven Tonight”, Laura decided to get out, cos we were losing grip of each other’s hands, and idiot boys were kicking and generally being macho cavemen. So she got out, then I followed. I tried to throw my letter to Courtney onstage but missed, then I attempted to run the other direction to stay in the security guard pit, but no, they had to be bastards and make us get out. All I wanted to do was stay there and watch my fave band whom I paid $60 to see, but because of a few arseholes, we couldn’t. Anyway, we worked our way behind the barricade to a place facing the side of the stage, and Hole continued with a pretty cool show. Courtney made some classic remarks, esp. about certain members of the human race who have problems. “You guys can’t handle that someone with ovaries is headlining the show, can you!” she yelled, to which all the females in the audience clapped and screamed and laughed to. A jerk near us said in the most patronizing of tones, “don’t, girls”. I replied with a “what?”, then proceeded with “bastards like you are the cause of all the world’s ills”, to which he retorted, “she’s a slut, anyhow”, to which I laughed and said “why don’t you go up there and tell her that?”, to which he walked off. Rot in hell, you embarrassment to men everywhere. Then I spotted some fat jerk sitting on his jerk-off friend’s shoulders, yelling for Courtney to “get it off”, to which I screamed in his direction, “you goddam get it off! pig”, he just gave me a stupid look and continued with his stupid crap. Courtney was saying she was getting “a bad energy” from the crowd, and we knew just what she meant. I later read in an interview that Eric also said that most of the crowd did not get the irony of them playing a Guns ‘n Roses song, i.e. “Paradise City”, which was totally true. Most of the people at this show were yobbos who were there to see Korn and all those other cock rock type types, and this place doesn’t have a very strong feminist or intelligent population, so I suppose it was to be expected. It wasn’t a bad night, just tainted by a few stupid people. Oh well.

My fave things of the night were: “Malibu”, this being the first time hearing it live, and Courtney’s “reprise” type thing at the end, “i’m gonna rescue you, set you free, tonight, yeah…” was totally beautiful and I had tears in my eyes; “Dying”, the vocals on this were so strong and beautiful, “Awful”, the best pop song ever written is why, and when Courtney’s mobile phone rang during a song and she rushed to get it, and answered it then said “it’s my boyfriend”, Laura and I screamed cos we love Edward Norton, then she said “say hello!” and held up the phone, to which everyone yelled, then she said, “I can’t talk now, I’m at work, call later!” It was really funny and cute. Another highlight of the night was Sam’s drumming…usually I don’t notice drums all that much, but she was so powerful, an amazing drummer. She sounded awesome. They finished the show with “Celebrity Skin”, with Courtney doing the loudest and most powerful “yeahhhhh!!!” right at the end of the song. I swear, it sent shivers right through me!