Fan Review: Alex S

Set list, not in exact order:

pretty on the inside
heaven tonight
miss world/hit me baby one more time
malibu extended
reasons to be beautiful
(some song i couldnt tell what it was)
doll parts
boys on the radio
use once and destroy
northern star
(some quiet riot song)
celebrity skin

the show started at 8:45pm with a pretty interesting opening act, IMPERIAL TEEN which in my opinion are a mix of the b-52s meets sonic youth with a dash of weezer it was a psychedlic adventure in the mind. the crowd responded to them pretty good. Later, before they left, the bass player handed me the set list so that was fucking cool!!! After playing their 45 minute set the lights came back on and everyone waited for ms. love and crew to get on stage. well 50 minutes later the lights went out and melissa,sam,eric, and courtney love headed onto the stage. Melissa was wearing a light pink dress with a dark pink cape around her, she looked beautiful, samantha was wearing a sparkly shirt with some kind of pants i cant remember, eric had on a regular shirt and regular jeans, and fianlly courtney had on this black bra thing and short black shorts with fish nets and long black boots, she was sporting her new hair do which was cut shorter. They all looked ready to Rock!!!! She started out saying she was tired of smoking and wanted to quit and that everyone shouldnt smoke because its bad so she threw her two packs of cigarettes into the crowd and hit it off with PRETTY ON THE INSIDE which was a surprise to the crowd and had them all singing along. You could tell she was in a good mood from all the talking she did even though I couldnt hear a thing she said. i think she had problems with her guitar and mic because she kept looking at the sound man. right before miss world she started talking about brittany spears and how she had breast implants and a nose jobs and dedicated miss world to her changing the lyrics to say …hit me baby one more time. after words she did her own rendition of hit me baby one more time which had the crowd saying Fuck Brittany spears!!! she then during another song sat on the shoulders of a security guard and passed through the front of the rail and everyone wanted a piece of her! i got to touch her guitar and her fishnets it was cool!!!! then right befor DOLL PARTS she told told off a guy in the crowd , i mean really tored him to bits i didnt know what he was doing but demanded that they kick him out of there or else she would do it herslef!!! they finally did and she went on with DOLL PARTS which was amazing! they left the stage and after five minutes of screaming HOLE! and COURTNEY! courtney and eric came back on to do the encore which started off with norhtern star. after that they did a quiet riot cover and they had us all clapping our hands. They ended the show with celebrity skin. during the show i kept making contact with melissa and she waved at me like 4 times it rocked!!! I had made a banner that said HOLE ROCKS!!!! and was planning to give it to the band but since courtney never looked down on us i put it away and kept waving to samantha telling her she could have it and all she signaled back to say in a little while ill get it. well after Celebrity skin she came right up to me and handed me her drumming sticks, not throw them to the crowd and i got them but gave them to me personally and i gave her my poster which she held for the whole crowd to see!!! i was fucking shitting myself!!!! Courtney gave away her guitar to the girl next to me but the security guard took it away from her and courtney said to give it back to her so they did but after they all left the stage the securtiy still took it from her and didnt give it back and that made the girl cry. in conclusion HOLE did want many critics claim they hadnt done in a long while; THEY FUCKING ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!