Fan Review:

I was so happy, because I had got the tickets as a birthday present, after hinting to my mom for weeks and weeks that I would die to go there so I could see silverchair and of course, Hole! The other performers were great (2 Skinny Js, Orgy, Lit, Blink 182, among some of the artists) but Hole was the best. It was awesome that’s for sure!!! First Melissa and Eric just walked on stage with their guitars strapped on and strumming absently. Courtney walked out and everyone was going crazy!!! She just says “Why you got all those kids back there on the lawn? Let em come down here! Hey ifyou came here tonight just come down here now!!” I was on the lawn, and I saw a few people infront of me run up there, but the security guards just said No. Courtney just said “Oh it’s ok…just bring the lawsuit to me.” Still the security guards said no. Courtney just wails “IF YOU DON’T LET THOSE KIDS DOWN HERE I’M NOT EVEN GONNA FUCKING START!!!” So Beth (my cousin) and I grabbed our jackets and ran up there with this huge crowd, running towards the seats. As we got to the stairs the crowd smooshed close together and you had to keep moving or otherwise be trampled. I was afraid to lose Beth so I grabbed onto her jacket tightly and followed her. We broke off towards the middle, where there was space to breathe and just stood there for a minute. At this point they had started playing, but I don’t really remember what song it was. All the others around us were going to the closest empty seats they could find. Beth and I waited a little longer and went over to these seats which had emptied out from the people who were there going down into the pit. We climbed up onto them and I asked her if she wanted to move closer. Beth was like sure. So we crawled over the seats, until we got as close as we could without being down in the pit. Courtney went on singing and they really gave it their all!! She was pulling people out of the crowd. She says “Where’d that one girl go… she’s me!! With the pink hair….” and then she was like “Hey will you guys let her up here?” so the crowd moved for her a little. Then Courtney was pulling her up and was struggling a bit and the crowd began to laugh, which was VERY rude in my opinion. Good ol’ Courtney says “Hey don’t laugh!! I was fat!! You know who else was fat? Brad Pitt and he’s from Missouri!! I LOVE BRAD PITT!!!” So she gave the girl this big hug and let her sit behind her on the stage. he continued to sing alot, and where I was it was easy to pick out the posers here and the true fans. The posers had to struggle with words and didn’t sing along to many of the Live Through This songs, just a few from Celebrity Skin and of course Violet and Doll Parts. Well anyway, Courtney’s pulling people out of the pit but she’s not being very careful, she’s getting some halfway up and then dropping them and letting the guards help her the rest of the way. Finally Courtney walks off the stage to the left, going down the side, and everyone ran over there. Since Beth and I were there we rushed over and were in serious pain!! This girl was ontop of my head, and I couldn’t see very well cos her purse was in my face! I was extremely miffed, so I shoved it out of my face. Courtney had her arm around some girl and was singing with her. Of course the fat Riverport Security Guards were right there to make sure nothing happened to Ms. Love, but honestly she was in no danger. Courtney walked back on stage and kept singing. Everyone was having a great time, and Courtney was stripping down onstage. It’s really hard to type up an accurate review since this was a long time ago. I remember during Northern Star she was climbing up the rafters and the security guards were following her telling her to get down and to stay on stage but she just kept on singing. She walked off the stage to the right this time and everyone crowded around on her. When she got back to the stage she kept on singing, and then she said “You guys wanna see my boobs?”. The audience just shrieked out, especially all those horny pervert guys around us. Courtney says “Well if we could get like, a response here from everyone, I want everyone to take a poll. If you have a lighter light it up and I’ll do it during the ballad.” So I grabbed Beth’s lighter and lit it up (No I’m not a lesbian, I’ve seen Courtney’s boobs before…I think pretty much EVERYONE has. I just did cos it was fun, and we DID have a lighter, and everyone around me was doing it too). She was like “Aww that’s so sweet you guys! To get a response like this!!” So everyone was screaming TAKE IT OFF!! But Courtney told them “No, not until the ballad.” So they sang some more, and the place was going fucking crazy!! There were a huge group of people lined up on stage behind her, and it almost looked like they were gonna play Duck Duck Goose! This one guy, who was obviously a poser, got up and just started waving and running across the stage (the security guards made him leave after that!). Courtney and Melissa were snuggling with eachother (in that odd way they do) and this guy just walked over and threw his arms around Courtney and was kissing on her arms and stuff and then sat back down (See! Not all guys think she’s a slut!!). These other girls were rushing up and hugging her and Courtney gave one of them her guitars, and they sang some of Celebrity Skin together. At the end Courtney pulled down her bra thing and flashed everyone. Then she screamed THANK YOU! and walked off with the others. I notice at Hole performances Melissa and Eric seem a little dazed… they’re always off in space. Also I can never see Patty, but I could hear her back there banging the hell out of the drums!! Their performance was unforgettable (Well, at least not TOO forgettable!) and I hope they come back. Well, thanks for reading my review. Hope it wasn’t too cheesy, or any of that. If anyone wants to talk about Hole or bootlegs, email me at Courtney Oh yeah!! Something else, I forgot, Courtney fell off stage during her performance, and the next day I heard on the Point that this guy called in and said she fell right ontop of him and it was one of the best things that has ever happened to him. Well I can say that my time there was also one of the best times of my life!!! Courtney sure was a goddess and she tore the ampitheatre apart, and took the pieces home with her!!!