Fan Review: Emmet

When I arrived at the floor seats gate for The Hole/Marilyn Manson show at the PNE Colliseum, I was luky enough to know the people at the front of the line,who let me stand with them. It was a mob stampede when they opened the doors, but me and my friend Allison managed to get the FRONT ROW CENTER SPOTS! I was thrilled to say the least!

Monster Magnet opened with an energetic, yet slimey performance. Seeing the Rat faced lead singer grab his crotch and bust a move wasn’t the least bit exciting to me, but I suppose the fans would have enjoyed it tremendously. ( I actually met the lead singer later, when he was signing autougraphs. My friend Jennifer commented to his face about his misoginyst videos w/ The stripper/porn stars in them. He started to ramble about his theories on sexisim, and I quickly stole a line from Homer Simpson, calling out “Rock Stars. Is there anything They Don’t Know?” Everybody laughed, even him. It was cool!)My main objective during monster Magnets 1/2 hour performance was to mantain my spot in the pit, wich with Allison’s help, I managed to do.

A Half An Hour Break… And Then………

The curtians swung back to reveal Holes Beautiful stage set. The Mikes were covered in Ivy leaves to match the Garden Of Eden in Hell backdrop adorned in vines and roman statues. Then the band took the stage. The all looked unbeleivably gorgeous. Courtney was dressed in Leather short-pants and a black top (wich she soon removed to reveal a scant black bra) under a sheer overlay. (I beleive she wore the same outfit to the preimere of 200 cigatettes.) Mellissa wore skin tight leather shorts that barely covered her womanhood(!) and a shimmering green top slit up the front so it hung like a cape off the Back. Eric wore a silver glitter top and black pants, and Samantha was also all silver glitter. They immediatley ripped into a thunderous rendition of “Violet”. Courtney’s voice was stronger and more viceral than Iv’e ever heard it before. I don’t need to tell hole fans how strong her physical presence onstage is. She would have been rivating even if she just sat there. “AWFUL” followed With Courtney jumping from monitor to monitor, and generally acting out the playfulness of the song. There was lots of between song disscussion. Courtney talked about how she used to live in Vancouver, and stripped here at the No 5 ORANGE, before launching a caustic performance of “Pretty On The Inside” wich she claimed she wrote while in Vancouver.During an electrifing version of “Heaven Tonight” she hopped on to the Shoulders of A Security Gaurd and came into the front of the Crowd. I was literally less than three inches away from her! I could’t touch her because my arms were in an awkward posistion. Allison got to touch her. Lucky Bitch. Mellissa Being Canadian was a main topic of conversation, as was Courtney’s goading her to take her top off.( No Luck!) A sector of the crowd was Chanting “MELLISSA!” MELLISSA” but Courtney thought they were chanting for Manson, and got extreamly pissed off.She berated them yelling “How big is your Cock? I bet you its an inch long!Turn the house lights on and lets see!” When Mellissa Told her that they were indeed chanting for herself, Courtney replied “Im Sorry! See What A Bitch I can be!!” Courtney accused the crowd of being Offspring fans. We objected, and she said she knew how sophisticated Canadians were. They Played classic cuts off Live Through This; “Miss World”, “Doll Parts”, Asking For It”, and Of Course “Violet”. Most Of Celebrity Skin was performed, except for “Petals”, “Playing Your Song” and “Hit So Hard”. It was all amazingly powerful stuff. Even most of the Manson people got into it. Highlights included the haunting rendition of “Northern Star” on the encore, and “Boys on The Radio” wich was filled equally with passionate sadness and boisturess cheer.Hilariously, they covered Guns And Roses “Paradise City” and made every one admit that we missed Axl Rose just a little. A livley exstended take on “Malibu” also stood out. For The more balledy numbers (“Northern Star” Boys On The Radio” “Doll Parts” Etc) Courtney kept demanding that Lighters be held up by the crowd! All It all it was thrilling,explosive experience and the best Hole show Ive seen (Out of Three times). As They Left the stage I couldn’t believe it was over. But unbestknown to me, Courtney would return to the stage one more time in the most exciting shocking moment of the night…

As Manson rose onto the stage pinned to A Crucifix made out of Television screens, I knew I was in for a all out stage spectacle. I dont care what anybody says about how fake he is; In Person He IS Actually Pretty Scary. Still his show was a little ridiculous at times; A long rant about how Jesus invented drugs remined me of all the idiot stoner trash kids in high school. The fire and pyrotechnics were well executed but just a little over the top. Before performing “Lunchbox” Manson made a disgusting Comment;”Courtney is backstage playing with her dirty Pussy” Wich got a huge cheer from his fans. Then About a minute later COURTNEY BURST ON TO THE STAGE IN A RED DRESS, AND JUMPED ON HIM AND STARTED POUNDING HIM!! SHE WAS LITERALLY DANGLING FROM HIS SHOULDERS AND WHEN SHE LANDED ON THE GROUND, SHE REACHED UP AND POUNDED HIM IN THE FACE!! HE Didn’t fight back at all and he actually seemed a little shaken by it. He lost the entire first verse of the song! I WAS SOOOO HAPPY AND PROUD OF HER! He Still made more fun of her after that. Whatever. Hes a fucking idiot.

After the Concert was over We went to the Buses to see the band leave. We waited for a long long time, and Courtney jumed onto the bus(She had her own seperate from the band!) too quickly for anyone to see her. Her bus left and the other one started to but then it stopped. ERIC HAD TO GET UOT BECAUSE HE FORGOT SOMETHING! ABOUT TEN OF US MOBBED HIM! It was hilarious, just touching him without really saying anything ecept ” I LOVE YOU MAN” He Was Laughing and Said “Courtney’s NOT on This Bus” and we Were Like “We’ree here for you” A Security Gaurd pushed us off him and he got on the bus and left. It was so weird and Cool! An awsome ending to the Best Concert I’ve ever seen!