Fan Review: Erica

Hole arrived in a helicopter, accorrding to Courtney because she wanted to 1) see how it would feel to act like Bette Midler in ‘The Rose’ and
2) to upstage Marilyn Manson. Mind you, this particular Big Day Out participant failed to notice any such helicopter … although Manson did, snapping, “I don’t -need- a helicopter.”

The two main stages were set up next to each other with Hole designated to perform on the left stage straight after Manson. During Manson’s set, Melissa came out to take pictures of the crowd (38, 000) and a small ripple of cheers erupted from those who recognised her and she happily waved and smiled before disappearing backstage again.

Hole took to the stage shortly after. Courtney came out in visable matching hot pink bra and panties, with a flimsy see-through singlet top over it, black leather pedal pushers and a beautiful shiny black coat. She mumbled something about how she was a “big girl” to the stage hands fiddling with her microphone and then said hello to the crowd and asked them if they liked Korn and Manson. She then goes, “Marilyn Manson gave me oral sex today …. and he’s quite good at it.” which drew a huge cheer from the crowd (I’m not sure if that was because they were proud Manson had scored or Courtney had scored 😉

They opened with Violet and sounded in top form – and maintained it throughout the entire show. After a couple of songs Courtney introduced the band (“Doesn’t Melissa look like a fox tonight?”) and then she noticed some guy in the mosh pit, “You look like a Korn boy. Are you a Korn boy? You’re cute ..” A few more songs and Courtney’s attention was back to the moshpit, “You look really squishy. Don’t worry I’ll come down in a minute.” which sent everyone into a frenzy. Eventually she did go down and her security guard looked very pissed. She pulled some girl out because she had a tiara on.

Midway through the show Courtney ran off stage briefly to retrieve a mobile phone with Edward Norton on the other end. “Say hello to my boyfriend!” she yelled and everyone said hi.

Throughout their set Courtney was complaining about the weird “pyschic energy” she was getting from the crowd, “What’s wrong with you guys? You guys are like dead.” so then she goes, “We were gonna play a light song here but you guys need a heavy one.” And later she ordered “all of you motherfuckers” to scream “cunt” and “fuck” after a particularly long moment of contemplation about what to say.

Courtney told off the guys down the front who were wolf whistling with their fingers in their mouth because it looked like they were “sucking pussy” or something and “girls don’t like (it) that (way)”

Courtney flirted with the crowd and did a lot of self-exploration 😉 and resisted the offer to take her top off but assured the audience, “Don’t worry you’ll still get your money’s worth.”

Manson had earliar threatened to sodomise an irrate member of the crowd and Courtney made some comment about how in the same situation it wouldn’t be fair for her because “If you come up here you get to fuck -me- …. but what do I get?”

They played the Guns and Roses cover, “Paradise City” really really well, despite Courtney claiming that it was their “Karaoke song” and she wasn’t very confident with it yet. Another song highlight was “Northern Star” which was absolutely enchanting, and heartbreaking.

An hour or so later Hole had wrapped up their set and Courtney gave away her guitar screaming her usual “Don’t you dare give that to a guy” warning, adding that “Women are only paid 73 cents (?) to the male dollar so a girl should get it.”

Hole kicked some major ass at the Gold Coast Big Day Out, drawing a bigger crowd than, and fully over-shadowing Manson (even without the helicopter’s help 😉 It was amazing seeing so many people completely awe-struck by Courtney and Hole – particularly the bad-ass crowd surfers who actually stopped and just watched. I was so proud 🙂 Hole are back, baby!

Stupidest Thing Overheard During Hole’s Set :
“Isn’t that the guy from Nirvana?”