Fan Review: Fiona

Wow, what an awesome week it has been. I saw Hole at the Melbourne BIG DAY OUT where, once again, they played the Paradise City cover, Courtney talked about her voice fucking up, abused the fuck out of a guy who shined a laser on her tits, and totally dissed the English and their people — hehehe. They played an awesome set, including (album by album), Pretty on the Inside, Violet, Miss World, Doll Parts, She Walks on Me, Celebrity Skin, Awful, Malibu, Reasons to Be Beautiful, Dying, Northern Star, Heaven Tonight and the Paradise City cover. Fuckin Brilliant. After being one of 300 lucky people to meet Hole at Gaslight records on Bourke Street. The signing was @ 4pm, and I arrived at 9:30am to be 5th in line. Yippee. With me I had: The Retard Girl 7″, the Michael Seliger black + white picture of Courtney in the ocean which I had made into a collage of glitter and stars, a HUGE Celeb Skin album promo poster (thanx to my friend who works in a record shop) and also the Celebrity Skin and Malibu singles, and the Dicknail/Burn Black 7″.

Then I was told I could only get one thing signed. FUCK! Eventually they came, the pics will be on my page soon. Courtney looked gorgeous in this pink flowery number, Melissa beautiful in black, and shy lil’ Eric with his sunnies on and mulitlcoloured hair, and Sam with twisty things all in her hair. Eric didn’t say much to me, just signed my retard Girl 7″. I think he was a little surprised to see I had it. Courtney smiled, said hi to me and said “how are you?” and I said “I hope you don’t mind; I decided to get a little creative with your picture. I just LOVE that picture of you.” and she was like “Oh, it’s wonderful, that’s so beautiful…” and smiled at me. Then Melissa was next, I apologized to her for getting her to sign a record she didn’t even play on and she was like “no no, that’s fine” and then she looks at me hole t-shirt (the one with clove, Eric, Jill and Caroline on it) and is like, “what an old t-shirt, you don’t see them around at all these days” and then proceeded to sign my boyfriends CANADA t-shirt which she absolutely adored. She was a mega babe, that’s for sure.

I also went to Hole’s own show on Thursday night at the Metro nightclub. Two rock n Roll High School bands opened, as Hole had visited the school that day and hand picked the bands to play — Litany and Oiska. Oiska played a ska cover of Rock Star and it went off! Hole basically played the same set but longer and also they played a Hoodoo Guru’s cover, “Bittersweet” and also “boys on the radio” but the highlight of the night was “MY BEAUTIFUL SON” and they also played “USE ONCE AND DESTROY” but alas, no “reason’s to be beautiful” I got Courtney Love’s Jim Dunlop picture which she threw into the crowd!!! Overall it was the BEST three days of my life. [riot grrls think you can stop me — well you all cant so FUCKK OFFFFFF!]