Fan Review: Jared Jellison

Well, I trekked out to Milwaukee for my very first concert. And what a concert it was. Imperial Teen was the opening act, they were quite good, but their style was way different then Hole. The audience didn’t really get into it. Only part of the audience stood up, and that was during the last number. Too bad for them…

Hole game on about 45 minutes late. People were getting really antsy, and then…the opening to “old Age” (opening of “Credit in the Straight World” on LTT) came on and the audience went nuts…sorta’. They opened with an amazing violet. I don’t remembe the entire set list, but they followed with Awful, and then Pretty On the Inside.

Courtney had on her infamous pink fairy outfit, which wings she later ripped off and gave to the audiece. Melissa had on what seemed to be a cape of sorts…she, and she would be capable of, looked great in it. Eric had on a designer orange and black long sleeved shirt. Sam was clad in an outfit that looked a lot like the one she had on when Hole
performed Celebrity Skin at MTV video awards.

At one time during the show, Courts jumped into the audience and didn’t come back up. She also, climbed the amp, drank some guys beer, created mild bedlam in the nosebleed seats and then came back down. She gossiped about Trent Reznor, Hollywood and asked the audience if it was OK to film a movie with Tom Hanks. She was the life of the show; Melissa and Sam really seemed to get into it, but Eric barely moved.

Courts pulled up about 50 people on stage. The crowd was really, really mellow. (No pit! Yes!) Towards the end more and more people climbed up on the stage. It started to get a little crazy at the end, so the went to straight to Celebrity Skin and ended the show. It wasn’t really that incredibly crazy, but I guess they wanted to avoid a riot, so they closed the show a couple numbers early. But that was fine with me. It was great, great show. I’m writing this two months after, so I’m sure this review won’t quite convey the excitement of the night. Either way, it was a really, really good show and I can’t wait until Hole comes here again!
<: )~