Fan Review: Jessica

I got there at 5:20pm and me and my friends where about the 30th people inline to get in. Hole`s tour manger came out to talk to us he said that Courtney did not want anyone wearing big chain`s or big spikes or any thing like that. After this big long talk about comming up on stage we went down the line asking if anyone had any questions. So everyone was asking about Courtney so I thought I would be different so I told him that I am a big fan of Shift ( Samantha Maloney`s old band ) ( I really am a fan) and I wanted to know if I could meet her , at this point he was in shock he said that no one had ever said that before and but he could not let me go backstage but could pass on a note . So I wrote her a note. Then my friend asked if they (hole) were going to talk to fans after the concert at the buses. He said that during this tour , they have not been really doing it . But it was always up t Courtney he said ” if Courtney wants a cheeseburger she get one”. So the gates open at 6:22pm and we ran to the front Me and my buds had second row Eric`s side. We took turns getting our t-shirts and then we were ready to get down and dirty with Hole. at 7:00pm the first band Disappointment Incorporated came on stage one of the singers , Warren had his fly down and my friend , Raf yelled it to him , in a British accent he said “what were u doing looking down there mate?” They played a very good set My friend got Warrens guitar string and I got the Drummer`s set list.

Next was Imperial Teen the really rocked I had seen there video on M2 for the Jawbreaker song but did not know it was them till they played that song during there set the one guy who plays guitar kept look at me and my friends at the end of there set I ask the gut if I could have there Kick ass girl drummer`s drumstick and he said yeah so she came over and gave it to me!! Finally at 9:32pm Hole cam on stage first was Eric he was wearing black leather pants and a white t-shirt Then Samantha she was wearing red pants and a blue tank top and her hair was like she had if for the Billboards. then Melissa (sorry I could not see what see was wearing) The Courtney she was wearing a really pretty pink dress kina like a night gown ( I think every one know where set list so I will give u the Highlights) After Violet Courtney said “Hello Pitts-burgh , everyone know that the last two times Hole came she walked off stage due to people chucking things at her. About four songs in to the set Fireworks went off and she asked if it was Hole day in Pittsburgh? but some security gut told her that it was for the baseball game across the river. then she made this big thing about how girls can play baseball better that boys. Right before “Playing your Song” Courtney spotted a gut who was dressed just like Kurt Cobain and she said wow man you are a dork. and she talked about how he need to get over Kurt cuz ” he is in heaven now” . She sang northern star with just Eric. During this song she made eye contact with me almost the whole song , cuz i was the only person who i had a lighter up. I felt like she was singing the song to me ( This happens to be my fav song ) When the played Malibu a really cool thing happened as she sang “I can’t be near you , The light just radiates ” Fire works went off and I was like WOW that is insane. Then she made her Baseball speech again . After that she saw a small boy on his dads shoulders he was like 8 and she said “i think it is passed your bedtime , and I think U need to be at a Britney Spears Concert not a Hole Concert” That boy`s face turned soo red it was to funny. During the Whole concert I was making eye contact and kinda lip talking to Samantha ( i was in heaven) I asked her if I could meet her after the concert she said Maybe and then pointed to Courtney. So after Celebrity Skin , Sam got a security guy to pull me out of the pit she personally gave me her drumstick and tried to lift me up on stage but then these really nasty girls got really jealous and started pulling me back so this went on for like 3 minutes and than Samantha said Go to our bus and then pointed to where it was she waited for me it was ok then walked off stage. This is where it got out of control those Girls started punching me and stuff one of them stole The drumstick from Imperial Teen and the ran way they all went with her. I was really hurt .( one of my ribs was bruised) So after that I meet up with my friends who I had lost during the concert they said that Courtney had given her guitar away to a girl with blue hair. and I told them about how I had to go to the bus so they came with me. Back there we saw Warren ( the guy who`s fly was down) he came and talked to us and gave us stickers and took pictures. I waited for one hour for Samantha to come out then my dad , who was me and my friends ride home came and I swear to god , my dad had to litetly pull me way from the bars cuz i would not go. My dad was not very happy about this I tried to explain to him but he said she is not comming out so get over it.

When I got home I was soo hyper I could not get to sleep so I went on the Internet , and a girl who i meet at the concert was on she told me that one hour after i left Samantha came out and asked for the girl who got her drumstick. I was like no that is soo wrong.

But I believe everything happens for a reason.