Fan Review: Julia

Talk about a build up. The 45 minutes we had to wait for Hole to grace the stage seemed like the longest 45 minutes of my life. And then the sound people had the nerve to play the intro bit to Celebrity Skin, like the noise that sounds like wind or something, which got the crowd yelling and screaming. But Hole didn’t come onstage then.

FINALLY, Hole graced the stage, and I have never seen so many people in awe. Courtney was wearing a halter neck gray/silver top with black leather pedal pushers and high heels, Melissa was wearing a blue type leotard top that had a slanted neck with a knee length black skirt with a slit up the side and knee high boots. Eric was wearing (I think) black pants and a black top (but I’m not sure). And Sam was hidden behind the drums.

They went straight into Violet and then in Awful and now I can’t rememeber what songs they played.

Courtney pulled about 5 or 6 (not 10 or 20 ?) on the stage , saying she was going to teach them a lesson on capitalism. I have never seen 5 girls scream so much (cept maybe at a silverchair concert). But then hushed them towards the back of the stage where they were to sit for the entire show.

It was funny cause all these other girls in the front row were screaming and reaching out cause they wanted to come up and Courtney told them to calm down and “come back tomorrow night “.hehe

Before Plump, Courtney teased the crowd about playing Drag, but no one seemed to know the song, and she started to ask Eric if it was still on the setlist or if he’d taken it off. She then said she was going to play this other song, but it made her mad. They played Plump.

NOW this is one thing I found incredible and I don’t think many people picked it up, but I thought it was amazing. During a break between two of the songs, and I can’t remember which ones, Eric started playing the chords to “Do It Clean” the Echo and The Bunnymen song they used to cover.

Courtney then proceeded to tell Eric to get over it because there are some things you just forget about and get over. I thought that he actually started to play that was very cool, considering I thought I’d never hear that song EVER played live, even a little bit.

When Pale Blue Eyes started to be played, I was like what the fuck ?!?! I couldn’t believe that they were playing it. And Courtney sung it so beautiful , just by herself and the guitar “Linger on…..pale blue eyes……”

They FINALLY did play Drag which was brilliant, except Melissa didn’t sing the intro with Courtney and they changed it a bit. With it ending before that bit where it starts up again. When Courtney said “Drag me into you” she made a lovely sexual gesture with her arms..if that makes sense.

Melissa’s voice in Into Your Arms is so beautiful, and she sings more of it than Courtney, but I think that’s a good thing because the song suits her voice more. Courtney came over to Melissa and they sung together in one part.

Courtney continously kept getting the crowd to get Melissa to say “Fuck” but Melissa kept shaking her finger and saying that she wouldn’t.

Courtney kept teasing saying stuff about someone who was standing side of the stage and finally Twiggy from Marilyn Manson came out and kept saying he wanted to play the song they were about to play but that he couldn’t because it was pop. “I’ll teach you pop and you can teach me how to tear up bibles”

For the encore Courtney came onstage in the Cabaret type outfit with sequins and feathers and what not galore.

They proceeded to sing Northern Star, which I was TOTALLY blown away by and then went into Don’t Hide Your Love Away by the Beatles which was a bit strange……

The rest of the band came back on and they launed into She Walks On Me and then Paradise City before playing the Good Sister/Bad Sister medley (hahaha medly but I don’t know what to call it) that was REALLY awesome.

Some talking :

Melissa :”I do fuck, but I don’t say fuck”

Courtney : “Take your bow bitch” (when telling Samantha to get up and bow, which is she)

Melissa : “Come back tomorrow night, and the next night, and the next night, we’re going to be here all week”

That’s about it. Oh wait, the T-Shirts were too expensive. $35 ??!?!!?