Fan Review: Julia

I don’t like Litany. So I’m not going to talk about them.

Hole hit the stage at about 9.15pm with Courtney coming on, pulling down one side of her dress at the top, and saying “That’s all you’re going to get”. She then walked back to Sam’s drumkit and did something (don’t ask me what) but came back the microphone and proceeded to point to my friend and I , who were in the front, in front of her and Melissa and say “Hey I remember you from the instore”. Well my friend and I were totally stoked, to say the least.

Courtney was wearing this beautiful black shimmery/glittery halter kneck black dress that went just below her knees with a matching kind of cropped jacket and black high heels. Melissa wore this gray and white snake skinned patterned cotton skirt with a denim kinda cowboy top with these cute little black ballerina shoes. Eric was wearing this grey long sleeved top with plain black pants and Sam was wearing a long sleeved aqua top and I couldn’t see her pants. Enough of the clothes.

Courtney didn’t really play guitar, she just mostly plays the tambourine and dances. It looks cool.

Throughout the night she said quite a lot, which was good coz it annoys me when bands never talk. She said how she didn’t have any co ordination coz when she tried to get the crowd to start clapping they didnt, so started to clap all retarded like and out of time. She said how Sam always ended her jokes and then Sam did this thing with the drums….you know what commedians have after they tell a joke and there’s the punchline ? She also started complaing about some oyster place they’d gone the night before and how there were no goodlooking Australians there but there seemed to be plenty at the show and why weren’t they there last night.

They then launched into Violet, then straight into Awful. I can’t remember what exact order the songs were in but I’ll just say the highlights etc…

During Reasons.. Courtney, instead of singing “oh give me one reason to be beautiful” she sang “Oh give me one reason to sell you my soul”. Also, the song was started off with a drum intro and at the end of the song, when she sings “Hey…you were…” Courtney took off her guitar and picked up her tambourine where she proceede to hit herself repeatedly on the side of her chest while continuing to sing the end……THERE IS NONE…..

At the begginning ( like the intro) of Pretty on the Inside Melissa started raising her arm in the sign of the devil till she had to start playing, it was really cool….

During Into Your Arms, Courtney went over to Melissa and kinda like stood behind her, teasing her, I think they sung into the microphone together but I’m not too sure.

Just beofre Celebrity Skin Melissa announced “It’s almost time..” and then we heard the intro electronic type thing for them to launch into Celebrity Skin, with the crowd fully singing along to every word. When singing “Hooker/waitress/model/actress” Courtney would point to a different member of the crowd..or make some sort of gesture type thing..Melissa then asked us to make them have more hit songs cause they’re so fun to play (referring to the crowd sinning along)

In Northern Star, which I would have to say is the most powerful song of their whole live set, in the interlude part with no music Courtney would sing a variation of different lines , some including “We are terried, we are naked and terrified,we are naked and wall eyed, ball eyed..” and a couple of other things before screaming “And I want you, And blessed are the broken, And I beg you,No loneliness, no misery is worth you, oh tear his heart out cold as ice it’s MINE”….when she sung “mine” she start to sing and then went into this full on yell that went for some time, it was amazing and definately one of the best highlights of their show. If you want to know how BRILLIANT this sounds go to “Malibu Fires” where they have a sound clip of it from one of their shows in America. But the lyrics to the interlude type thing she sings vary, as she changed them every night I saw them.

“Take me down to the Paradise City, where to grass is green and the girl’s are pretty, oh won’t you please take me home” Paradise City was really awesome and Courtney pulled this girl up onstage to sing it with her, which was pretty cool, and would have been so awesome for the girl !

She Walks on Me was very raw with Courtney screaming every word possible..and for the life of me I just can’t remember whether they played paradise city or she walks on me before they launched into Good Sister/ Bad Sister, but I’m pretty sure it was She Walks On Me.

I thought that the Good Sister/Bad Sister type little song they did was brilliant….”I’ll be the biggest scar, baby in your sky, I’ll be the biggest scar, baby in your back, run down it jagged , naked and black….I’ll be the biggest dick that you ever had…” I loved it, it was so raw and beautiful and fuck, just brilliant !

Courtney gave her guitar away to this girl on the side of the stage who had not even been there the whole show (which was kinda annoying).

And then Hole left the stage. And we all had to listen to that stupid techno remix of Malibu. Groovin’. hehe

Btw…if you want to know, the girl in the last photo’s name is Lara, and she was pulled up by Courtney after yelling something like “NOT GUNS N ROSES !” to sing Paradise City. Throughout the song Courtney tried to get her to sing and at the end told her to go back into the crowd, saying to the audience “I don’t know if she was really that good, she didn’t really sing!”