Fan Review: Lollapalooza Cincinnati

From the Unofficial Lollapalooza Site
by Kelly Mullen

Hole came on with a vengeance of course. THis is the 2nd time I’ve seen them and this time from a much better location. I could even see Courtney’s ankle tattoo, and the fact that she tends to look up while she sings. She did much of Live Through This, and really got the crowd going when she did Violet. Again, she talked a lot between songs. This is how we found out the guy from Jesus Lizard had been arrested. She harrassed some poor guy who had worn a NIN shirt, and then made a guy take off his Pearl Jam shirt and give it to her. He got rewarded though with the blue underwear she proceeded to take off and hand to him. Then she started on the penis thing again (this is why the Jesus Lizard guy got arrested) and provoked some young man in the pit to show her his penis with promises that she would bail him out of jail if he got thrown in. He did show it to her, she commended him on it being a nice looking one, and he was escorted out by the security people. At which point she tried to incite a riot int th pits by encouraging those who weren’t in it to get there. She also started in on the Midwest prudish society and then said it figured that Trent came from here (meaning the Midwest–not Cinti). She finally went back to playing a couple more songs, she and Melissa both mooned us—Courtney was butt naked


-This last statement has apparently caused a bit of controversy. According to MR BRIAN R LISCHER it’s not quote correct:

About the Cinncinati concert. Melissa did not FUCK*NG moon the crowd it was only courtney. And at the end she did not throw herself into the crowd. She only atempted. Thats all and if you could please FUCKI*G fix it and tell the bitch who wrote it to tell the truth.

However, despite this clever commentary, Kelly Mullen stands by her review. -HNN


, and then Eric pulled down his pants but not his underwear. She finished the show by throwing her guitar into the pit—you should have seen the guards go after it—and then she through herself in. ANd she didn’t accuse anyone of feeling her up! Amazing. DOn’t miss her.
Sonic Youth was last, and I’d about had it so we stayed for only a 1/2 hour of the show. I did hear Bull in the Heather and they were playing some older stuff as well.

That’s my report. Lolla has changed a lot from the 1st one, some good some bad. I enjoyed both shows, but probably liked the 1st one more than this.