Fan Review: Megan

I was so excited when I got to the state theater with my dad who took me to the concert… we were really early so we had to wait outside for a while. As soon as I got in the building I went and bought a t-shirt that said Hole (with the crossed out heart for the o) in pink and purple and said Pretty monsters ’99. and the back had a love spell on it.
Anyway about the concert…first Imperial Teen played, they were alright, but their bass seemed to override the vocals so it sounded kinda bad… Then after like 45 min. of waiting the Old age intro started playing and hole came out and play violet. I was in the belcony so I couldn’t see that well but Melissa was wearing an I love Motown shirt, Courtney was in a pink sparkly dress and wings, Eric i think was in all black and I couldnt see what sam was wearing. My favorite part of the night was during “Dying” when it kicks in to the louder part these cannons shot tons of silver pieces of glitter (I took tons of it!). At one point Sam said that they should do a madonna cover because she’s from Michigan… So they attempted “Holiday” but Courtney said she didn’t know any of the words cuz she doesn’t have any madonna records… then melissa started siging “Express Yourself” but then they stopped cuz Courtney said they sucked at it. My favorite thing courtney said all night was “Do you guys wanna get outta detroit? All you have to do is pick up one of these (guitars) on of those (bass) or one of those (drums) and start a band, then your good and you get to leave, and come home from Christmas. And bring pride to your hometown… unless your me!” For the encore courtney came out in a tu tu and they played Northern Star (it was one of the best songs of the night!), Drag, and Celebrity Skin. All in all the night rocked! I’l never forget it)