Fan Review: Megan

Despite the fact that I’m *barely* familiar with the few songs I’ve heard on the radio, I still went to see Hole here at UNH (Whittemore Center Arena) on Dec. 2nd…hey, the tickets were only $12, who could resist!?!? So me and Leah headed there a few minutes early (it was general admission). The friggin’ opening band, Come, were OK but they semi sucked adn were on the stage for AN HOUR!! An HOUR??? I did not pay to see those dipshits play for an HOUR!! Then it took them 9 decades to set up the stage for Hole and it was just really annoying. Anyway, sorry about that little rant. Not very many people showed up…there were a bunch of people on the floor crowd surfing (go Jess!!) but we were in the stands cuz I wanted to listen to the music, not get all caught up in the crowd celebration. Well, Courtney Love is one of the best performers I’ve seen. I mean, in between songs she was really entertaining to say the least and even during songs she just had this manner that made people pay attention. She didn’t just stoically play her guitar, she moved. The first song was “Celebrity Skin,” which is my favorite. All of the other songs I didn’t recognize except for “Violet” (complete with strobe lights) and “Doll Parts.” In between songs, she and Melissa would talk, Courtney would smoke and talk about how the cops wouldn’t let her take off her shirt cuz there was a lot of rape on this campus(?) And at one point she said, “all you rapists out there, come up here and I’ll take care of you.” She also implied that our guys hockey team contains a few rapists. Melissa was from MA (yay!) and talked about how she visited her fam. Her encore was a song that she played accompanied soley by acoustic guitar. She said that she’s not as “punk rock” as she used to be cuz she’s getting old. Oh yeah, at one point when she was talking about taking her shirt off, the crowd started chanting, “fuck the cops” and she sarcastically told us we were “so punk rock.” And she called us dorks for not understanding the concept of an encore