Fan Review: Melanie

I saw Hole play live at The Metro nightclub in Melbourne early this year, when they were here for the Big Day Out tour. It was a small venue so that was cool; so you could see them from everywhere really well.

Anyway, Courtney seemed a bit calmer than usual, although she ordered the photographers to leave after a couple of songs, and said she wouldn’t play until they left. She wore high boots, a brown mini skirt, and a white top (she got changed for “Northern Star” into a little black lingerie outfit, until she said she felt nude, so she asked the crowd to chuck her a tshirt).

They played old and new stuff, with covers of Paradise City (GNR) and Bittersweet by an aussie band Hoodoo Guroos. Anyway, the night rocked! And I’m sure everyone that was there would have loved it.