Fan Review: Mike Marlatt

At 6:30 last night I get a call from one of my roommates in college. He says that it looks like he can get enough tickets that I could come along to the Hole/Marilyn Manson concert here in Vancouver last night.

I’m a huge Hole fan but MM just doesn’t do it for me. At the last minute I decide I just have to see Hole. They’re such a great “rock” band. The set, set list, props and stuff……they were amazing. Courtney kept begging everyone to be her boyfriend because she was jealous that everyone had a crush on Melissa Auf de Maur (because she is Canadian). Melissa was incredible. This little gal just pounding away at the bass, propped up on speakers.

Once Manson had finished screaming (although the “show” was pretty cool, the ‘music’ is a little pointless) we were able to head backstage. Our comp tickets and passes were provided by the drummer of Marilyn Manson (who happened to be my buddy’s cousin) so it was kind of cool when were going through security and he’s saying “Let them through, they’re my family”. The only band members back stage were Eric and Melissa from Hole and then the drummer and guitar player from Manson. All I eaked out to Melissa was a little “I think your great” with a beauty gaze. She’s so beautiful and all I could think about was that part in True Romance where Patricia Arquette writes on the napkin, “you’re so cool”. She was truly “so cool”.

Hope the Hole fans like the story.