Fan Review: Noelle

This is my concert review for Hole’s “Beautiful Monster’s Tour” with Marilyn Manson back on March 13th of last year at the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim. The show was the best. I was in the front row and saw everything first hand.. It started dark, with just a silhouette of Courtney and a ciggerette in her hand and then the lights came on. She started with Violet I think and then kicked her shoes into the crowd and did the rest of her performance barefoot. She sang mostly new songs off of Celebrity Skin and just a few off of Live Through This. She then mentioned that Melissa had decorated the set (which was beautiful ivy). But Before singing “Awful”, Courtney admitted that she wrote it about Gwen (from No Doubt) because the lyric “just shut up your only 16” has to do with No Doubt’s song “Sixteen” and she says she slept with Gavin while he was with Gwen! Also, lots of glittered confetti fell out of the sky when she sang “Celebrity Skin”!! Throughout the show, she kept jumping from one amp to another until she fell flat on her face at one point and started to bleed! Instead of ending the show though, she finished the song she was singing on the floor with her legs up in the air and when she finally got up she started to wipe her blood all over her face and her dress. She mentioned this is how everyone wanted to see her “bleeding and dying”. As if this wasn’t enough, she also sat on the shoulder’s of different bodyguards and shook hands with the people in the front rows (when she did this I got a part of her dress)… She ended the show and came out a few minutes later with a new cigerette and Eric, who acoustically played “Northern Star” and then the best part of the night came for me.. Courtney mentioned that we need more “girl rock stars” in this world and that she wanted to give away her guitar to a girl..she looked throught the crowd and noticed certain girls..”No, you’re gothic, you didn’t come here to see me, your here for Manson..” she said and so on..” You’re too pretty, you should be a model..” she said to another girl.. then she looked at me..”I like you” she said, “I want you to have my guitar”…and so the security guards pulled me up out of the audience and Courtney handed me her black and white Fender that I still own to this day.. It was really the best day of my life and the best concert I’ve ever been too.