Fan Review: Rachel Beth

I went to see Hole at the Electric Factory in Phili last night…I checked to see if anyone else wrote reviews yet, but I guess not….I’m probably the first one up and functioning this morning! But I wanted to tell you about the show.

Courtney, Oh my gosh, she just rocked. The show was being taped by HBO so she was really hamming it up, but also was VERY gracious and kind to us. First thing was that she is SO beautiful….a total star….her body is incredible, long and lean and muscular but soft, and her skin is totally luminscent…she reminded me of a taller, thinner Marilyn Monroe, to be honest.

Ok, the music: AWESOME!! They played everything I wouldn’t wanted, except “I Think that I Would Die,” which I didn’t really expect them to play, just kinda hoped, because it’s my favorite song. But they did do “She Walks on Me” (in the encore), which totally rocked. Before it, Courtney said “You guys, I have written one guitar lead in my life and you’re about to hear it!”

Actually, I thought the encore was the best part of the show. They started it with “Northern Star,” which I thougth was the best song of the entire show. Courtney was totally open, vulnerable, moving, meaningful….just really touching. Then “She Walks on Me,” then “Celebrity Skin.”

During the regular set, they did just about every song you’d expect, except no “Drag,” which I personally would’ve rather heard than “Use Once and Destroy,” which I think is their crappiest song. But maybe that’ s just me. They did a new song that I don’t know the name of, but it was great.

Melissa seemed really nice and cool. Courtney said “Melissa is on this thing where she hasn’t had any sex, alcohol, or caffeine in four months! Can you believe it? I’ve never gone four months without any of those things! Have you? Raise your hands if so.” She got down into the audience a lot, but that seemed a little risky to me because people kept grabbing her and at one point she seemed scared, and at another pissed off, because someone tried to grab the microphone from her hand while she was singing. (I don’t blame her!)

Oh, and she kept making references to how the media says she didn’t write her own songs. She said stuff like “You know, Cameron Diaz wrote this next song. I swear. But then, someone came along and said that Matt Dillon wrote it. That’s such a fucking lie! I was there when Cameron Diaz wrote it. So remember when you hear it that Cameron Diaz wrote it,” or, another time, “Jim Carrey wrote this next song, not me.”

They started the show with “Violet,” which was great. And Courtney was wearing this beautiful long, tight, pink skirt, with a pink bikini top/bra and some beige knit shrug over it; about half way through she pulled off the shrug and performed the rest of the show in the bikini top and skirt. Then, for the encore, she came out in a gold, glittery boustier (sp) type thing from like Victorian times, with cute little rose colored shorts. She said “This makes me look like a dork, but that’s alright, I am a dork. Plus, you gotta take fashion risks!” But she looked adorable. I still was marveling at what a gorgeous body she has now.

Eric was, like, non-existence. I kept forgetting he was even there. He didn’t say two words the whole time. Samantha seemed really nice and cool. Courtney said “THIS IS THE BEST DRUMMER IN THE WORLD AND I WANT YOU TO ALL CHEER REALLY LOUD BECAUSE THE BEST DRUMMER IN THE WORLD HAS OVARIES!”

And at the end, Courntey just gave over her pale blue guitar to someone in the audience. She said “I want you to have this” and handed it over. It was amazing. I couldn’t help but wonder if part of it had to do with the fact that it was being taped by HBO, though. And then she threw white lillies out into the audience. I wanted one of those more than anything, but I was too far back.

I guess that’s it. Sorry this is so long! I’m sure I left lots out but other people can fill in their impressions. Overall, it just made me idolize Courtney even more. Oh, and she seemed totally sober and straight, which was great to see.