Memories: From Brent

Hole in Kalamazoo, October 30, 1991

I was DJing on the radio that evening
But I drove them all around town before the show and we did a radio interview at the station I was working at which was pretty funny because it was halloween weekend and the station WIDR was having the “haunted house radio station” which was pretty gorey and I remember Courtney and the others said they were actually kinda freaked out and wanted to split.

The whole time i was driving them around town Courtney was making fun of Kurt Cobain which makes me think that they may have just started going out? maybe right before…

I don’t know the timeline of all that stuff, but I found it funny that she was poking fun at “smells like teen spirit” and all of that.

The interview went well (although i don’t have a recording of it). Pretty funny.

Then I stayed at the station and continued the show and my friend Chris drove the band back to the club for the show.

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