Review: Boston Herald

LOLLAPALOOZA ’95; Just another Love story; Courtney raves, rants, but Hole lacks depth.
July 26, 1995
by Geoffrey Kula


Lollapalooza ’95 at Great Woods yesterday.

Although Sonic Youth was Lollapalooza ’95’s headliners, it was Courtney Love and her band Hole that stole the spotlight. While this came as little surprise to many, there were some unexpected treats that made the day worthwhile.

Boston’s Mighty Mighty Bosstones, who opened the Main Stage show with a spotty performance, redeemed themselves with a heartfelt gig headlining the Second Stage. Although they were playing opposite Hole, they packed the seatless woodchip-strewn setting with bodies a-skankin’.

The Bosstones were more in their element on the smaller stage, and it showed both times lead singer Dicky Barrett leapt into the welcoming arms of his adoring fans.

Here, their show exceeded Love’s, which featured her now-typical rants, childlike tantrums and outbursts at the crowd. Hole played well last night, but not exceedingly so. While the band shone with numbers such as “Violet,” Love’s duet with guitarist Eric Erlandson – a cover of “Pennyroyal Tea” – and “Rock Star,” it often lacked the strength of past performances.