Review: City Square

Unknown Publication
by Stefano Ronzani

English Translation

It is quite impressive to walk into a club at half past seven. The obligation derives from the fact that in Milan it is not possible to go beyond a certain area and therefore also the City Square must be connected to the ordinance. Even more strange is the fact that when Miranda Sex Garden start their act there are already about a thousand people.

From how Katharine Blake and Teresa, the bass player, move on stage, it is clear that it will be an evening where rock will be dressed in lace. In fact, seductive looks and movements accompany the songs from Fairy Tales of Slavery (BMG) and when the singer switches to the piano everything increases in charm.

At nine the stage was filled with Courtney Love. She has a presence that cannot be discussed; she with the guitar she gets in front of the microphone and starts a show that will have many interesting implications, first of all it strikes the fact that most of the audience knows the lyrics well. It wasn’t easy to predict as this band has never been taken too seriously. Under the stage there is an indiscrevable crowd; shoving and people being catapulted onto the stage. The order service uses the hard way and then Courtney leaves the microphone and takes the unfortunate on stage. Then she, and she will do it several times over the course of the evening, she passes water bottles to the audience. The group is comfortable and the interruptions don’t let the tension go down. After Plump, Beautiful Son and Miss World the concert goes live. Courtney doesn’t have a flawless singing style, nor is she very personal. The main reference is to Patti Smith, especially in the ballads, but it does not seem entirely derivative. In short, she works. When it’s time for Jennifer’s Body, I Think That I Would Die, Teenage Whore, He Hit Me and Credit in the Straight World it must be recognized that she really has charisma.

She mixes everything up: she mentions Hey Jude saying it was Cobain’s favorite song; then she leaves. She comes back and throws herself on the audience; she pays tribute to Nirvana and meanwhile she doesn’t stop spurting sensuality out of her pores. Behind her the band goes which is a pleasure with an exciting punk-rock that also knows how to soften when Courtney grabs the microphone and whispers passionate verses.