Review: E Online

Courtney Love Lost in Portland
by Joel Ryan, March 9, 1999

The semi-crowd got under Courtney Love’s Celebrity Skin–so she walked.

At least that’s what reporters at Saturday’s Hole concert in Portland, Oregon, surmised from a curiously brief 45-minute set.

Love, the rocker-turned-thespian-returned-rocker, led the band walk-out.

“This is so bad I can’t deal with it!,” she “muttered,” according to the Associated Press. The source of the 33-year-old’s ire apparently was a half-empty house at Portland’s Rose Garden. (Looking at the venue as “half-full” just didn’t cut it). Hole is in the midst of a 32-date, “Beautiful Monsters” tour with shock rocker Marilyn Manson.

Reports said Love seemed even more irked that the warm bodies who were at Saturday’s show weren’t acting very warm. Or responsive.

“Make up your minds,” Love told the crowd. “Either you’re happy that me and Gus Van Sant are from here or you’re not.”

Shortly after, she made like a banana and split.

It wasn’t clear why Love invoked the name of Drugstore Cowboy director Gus Van Sant–or, for that matter, why she claimed to be “from” Portland, since she was born in San Francisco and, more recently, had a house in suburban Seattle before moving to Los Angeles.

Hole’s record label couldn’t be reached for comment.

The band’s sudden exit left many in the crowd baffled. “I still can’t figure out why Courtney Love left the stage early,” posted a fan on an Internet newsgroup today.

Problems in Portland or no, music journalist Gary Bongiovanni, of the concert trade magazine Pollstar, doesn’t expect the “Beautiful Monsters” tour to bomb.

“My sense is that it’s probably going to do fine,” Bongiovanni says. “It’s a pretty good package.”

As long as everyone claps when they’re supposed to.