Review: NME – Glasgow

May 13, 1995
by ??


Monday, May 1st

Erlandson spends the day drinking whiskey he bought from Safeways. At Glasgow Barrowlands, Love and Erlandson play a medley of ‘Scottish’ songs, Erlandson singing Big Country’s “Big Country,” she replying with Altered Images’ “Happy Birthday.”

Courtney talks about the Bay City Rollers – her favourite was Les – apparently unaware that they hailed from Edinburgh, no Glasgow. She harasses Erlandson, calling him an asshole, and messing with his effects pedals.

Love then spots someone in the crowd wearing a Pearl Jam shirt. She offers to give the wearer twice what he paid for the shirt if he’ll take it off and give it to her. He refuses so she offers to swap the shirt for her knickers, which she removes and throws into the crowd, getting the shirt in return. “Giving up Pearl Jam is like accepting Jesus into your life,” she tells the crowd. Someone throws a water bottle on stage which hits drummer Patty Schemel and the band storm off early.