Review: NME – London

May 13, 1995
by ??


Thursday, May 4th

The Guardian writes “The Hole Story,” a brief on-the-road account of their tour, written by Erlandson.

Love’s daughter Frances Bean arrives in the country from Seattle and Courtney is significantly “less wired” than earlier in the week.

Hole are angry during the gig at London Brixton Academy when a snare drum breaks and then later a drum pedal cracks. Love asks the audience if they called her a bitch at a recent Academy Offspring gig. There is no reply. Courtney concludes that the NME reviewer may have lied about the incident.

She pours water over her head, throws water bottles into the crowd and then shouts: “No way pussies, louder,” because the applause was too quiet. She says ‘Best Sunday Dress’ is “a song about a jerk” and then informs the audience that bassist Melissa fancies Menswear.

One heckler shouts, “I love you Courtney.” Love responds, “How can you love me when you don’t even know me? I stink real bad. You only love me because you don’t know about evil things yet.”

They play a version of ‘Cars’ and Joy Division’s ‘She’s Lost Control.’ At the end of the two-hour show Patty smashes up her drumkit and Love throws microphones, drums and cymbals into the crowd before diving into the audience herself. Two minutes later she emerges from the crowd. Security guards try to cover her breasts with a sweatshirt but Love brushes them away. At the after-gig party, Love drinks with Amanda De Cadenet, Marianne Faithfull and Anita Pallenberg.