Review: NME – Manchester

May 13, 1995
by ??


Sunday April 30th

The People run a headline proclaiming “Love’s Nirvana Is A Tormented Widow” with quotes from Courtney saying she is attracted to dickheads and losers. She says: “My standard of what a loser is is pretty high. He must have a soaring IQ and be pretty twisted.”

At Manchester Academy people are shouting for Erlandson, who is surly and unhappy. Love shouts at him: “You can’t deal with people screaming at you, shithead. Think what it’s like for me.” But she adds: “He wears the pants in this band, I swear.”

Love sings several acapella Smiths songs including ‘Girlfriend In A Coma’ and then turns to Erlandson and says: “You’ve always wanted a girlfriend in a coma, haven’t you?” Love plays a bit of the Teardrop Explodes’ ‘Passionate Friend’.

The audience, which is older than that in Sheffield, heckle. She responds saying: “You just want me to play ‘Teen Spirit’.” Again she tells the audience: “I’m totally wired.”