Review: NME – Sheffield

May 13, 1995
by ??


Saturday April 29th

Courtney takes the stage at Sheffield Octagon convinced she is in Manchester. She puts on a fake Mancunian accent – which sounds Liverpudlian – and says: “We’re The Fall. I’m Brix and (pointing to Eric) that’s Mark Smith.” She continues in her Scouse/Manc accent saying: “I’m totally wired, can’t you see?” She apologises about her voice and says she’s been up drinking until 7am with Menswear, then adds: “Oops, that’ll be in The Sun. I was drinking milk.” She fakes an orgasm and says: “You think we never fake it?!” Twenty minutes into the set bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur says: “Courtney, we’re in Sheffield.” Courtney blurts: “Sheffield, Sheffield? I thought we were in Manchester.” But later she appears to have forgotten and starts talking about Manchester United, to much booing. Hole play Human League covers and Erlandson starts the chords to ‘Fascination’ and ‘Don’t You Want Me Baby’. Courtney says: “I went to the first night at the Hacienda, that’s how old I am.”