Review: NME – Wolverhampton

May 13, 1995
by ??


Thursday April 27th

London’s Evening Standard prints a feature on rock widows with articles on Courtney Love and Deborah Curtis. It says of Love she has “binged on sex and violence.”

Hole appear at Wolverhampton Civic Hall for their first proper gig since July 1993. Love harangues Eric Erlandson for being a “naughty boy” after the NME quotes the guitarist as saying that anyone else would have quit Hole by now.

Hole start their set with Neil Young’s ‘Cinnamon Girl’. Love then singles out one fan wearing a Pearl Jam T-shirt and asks him to throw it onstage saying, “You do something for me, and I’ll do something for you. Throw that Pearl Jam T-shirt onstage and I’ll play ‘Pennyroyal Tea’.”

She adds: “I want you all to do something for Kurt. I want you to take your Pearl Jam records and take your Nirvana records and separate them wide apart. I want you to do that for Kurt. Kurt is watching you.”

During the set she makes constant references to Duran Duran and tells the audience: “You all like them really, you just won’t admit it.” She then plays a version of Gary Numan’s ‘Cars’.

Courtney returns for the encore wearing rubber hot pants and a small black top and at the end of the gig dives into the audience and is mobbed. She returns to the stage and yells, “I dived into the crowd and the first thing some guy did was grab my tits.” Seconds later she dives back for five minutes and punches one fan who tries to maul her. By the time she returns to the stage the band has walked off. Several Love look-a-likes are crying as they leave the venue.