08-25-1995 Reading Festival

Date: 08-25-1995
Location: Reading, England
Venue: Little John’s Farm (Reading Festival)

01- Plump
02- Miss World
03- Gutless/Under Your Skin
04- The Rose/Cripple Dance/Under Your Skin
05- Asking For It/Reason For Living
06- Sugar Coma
07- Pennyroyal Tea
08- Credit in the Straight World
09- Whose Porno You Burn (Black)
10- Best Sunday Dress
11- I Think That I Would Die
12- Doll Parts
13- Violet
14- Just Do It

Surfaced: Audio – FM Broadcast of tracks 1,2,6,8,9,12,13, & 14. Track 5 released on My Body, the Hand Grenade, a compilation album. Video – Audience Shot. 60 minutes.

Hole Lineup: Courtney Love (Guitar/Vocals), Eric Erlandson (Guitar), Melissa Auf Der Maur (Bass/Background Vocals), and Patty Schemel (Drums). With Erik Friedlander (Cello).

Other Acts: Smashing Pumpkins, Green Day, Teenage Fanclub, Beck, dEUS, Juliana Hatfield, China Drum, Gene, Menswear, Stereolab, Marion, Guided By Voices, Whale, Moist, Weknowwhereyoulive, The Cardigans, Heather Nova, Flying Saucer Attack, Prolapse, Joyrider, Understand, Cable, Ciafanes, Speedway, Solar Race, Space, Peepshow, Eddie Izzard, The Tracey Brothers, Mike Pinder Sextet, Raymond & Mr. Timpkins Revue, Mark Hurst, Ian Stone, Paul Thorn, Woody Bop Muddy, Dermot Carmody, Phil Davey


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Photos 1-6: Kevin Cummins, 7-8: Brian Rasic, 9: Mick Hutson, Others Unknown