Fan Review: Emma

I just wanted to write to you about the awesome and astronomical experience i had on the weekend. Hole headlined the Big Day Out festival across Australia and on Sunday it was Perth’s turn. After Korn, Marilyn Manson and others, Hole took the stage and blew the rest away. The last time Hole visited Perth theyb played a club and I was underage so I missed out but four years later, I was there! Courtney was aas abrupt as ever, abusing the male members of the audience as well as making the propsition that she would fuck the cutest guy there tha night. But besides these antics (flashing her breasts etc)the music was great. Though alot of people disagreed.

Monday night they played at a club and I went along again. It was monumental! She knew that the only people there were fans so she didn’t do the psycho thing from Sunday, just entertaining dialogue and a great performance. The reviewer in the paper does not like her stage presence and despite saying the concert was excellant, said that Courtney was bad.

My real news is that I went to their hotel and met the whole band and got a cd signed! They are so different off stage and I must say that Samantha the drummer was the nicest and most accomodating, she was really interested in talking to us and hung around for a long while.

Anyway I wanted to share my unforgettable weekend with someone who understands, because despite what the knockers said, it rocked.