Fan Review: Kevin

Ok The concert started at 8:30 so being the truely devout Hole fan that I am I went at 2 to get a good place in the line since it was all standing room. I got there with my friends Crystal and Sara and we got a good place in line. Sara an dCrystal went off to look for a place to go the bathroom and get water and food and stuff and I was just sitting there and this girl asks me to look after her bag. So I said yes I would and then I got curious as to why everyone had left the line but me and one other girl. So I walked to the back where everyone else was and I asked what was going on and they said Courtney is suppose to be showing up soon. So I waited and waited and waited. She never came. We changed or spot 3 times in hopes of catching a glimps of the band. Well after some more waiting WE DID! There were 4 tour buses and the band pulled up in a little red van. I saw Courtney first and she signed my Celebrity Skin insert and if that wasn’t enough then I got Melissa and Eric to sign it too! But the best part was when I got my picture taken with Courtney. She put her arm around me and made some girl take the picture. It was so cool.

Now on to the show. Imperial Teen opened right on time and they were sooooo good. I loved Imperial Teen anyway so I knew that I was in for a real treat but I had never seen them live and I was impressed. Then after Imperial Teen the croud got real pushy, and stayed that way for the rest of the night. But Hole finally came out and ripped into Violet. Followed by Awful…Courtney was riding around on the shoulders of the security gaurds and touching the audiences hands. People were being pulled out and stuff cause it was so hot and if you were short there was no hope of oxygen.