Fan Review: Lollapalooza Cuyahoga Falls

From the Unofficial Lollapalooza Site
by Carl M. Stone

Hole came on next, Courtney didn’t need to make everyone come down since there was a pit there already. Good, like before, and loud. (Some people complained about it, but I thought it was OK). She made some kid wearing a NIN t-shirt turn it inside out, and saw what I think was a was a Babes In Toyland shirt (“the shirt with the mannequin on it”), said she was friends with someone in the band, but said “they suck”(hey…) At the end, they played “Olympia” [NOTE-it’s been pointed out to me that the song is in fact called “Rock Star,” and I should know this as I have the album, but I saw one of their setlists that some lucky little bastard that wasn’t me 😉 got and it was identified as “Olympia” on there. Probably easier to remember that way…] again, with a part about “How could she marry him, when I look like Alicia Silverstone!,” threw her guitar in, went in herself…and this time, came out with no top on. A roadie tried to put his shirt and then a blanket over her, but she refused, made a comment about “Ryan’s Daughter” (the David Lean film) and something else (concerning nudity.) She seemed more upset that they tore off a dress that she liked than that she was topless. (Contrary to reports in the Beacon Journal, she was not completely nude). She walked off after a short rant about how if she was Eddie Vedder, then they wouldn’t have done that to her, and how they would have passed her “all the way to the soundboard and back.” *Ahem* When I saw PJ back, oh, two Marches ago, Eddie went into the pit, and also came back shirtless, and almost pantless as well. Someone should explain to her that she’s not the only person with dumb “fans.”