Fan Review: Steven Moore

during the Melbourne Big Day Out she came out and screamed “happy birthday Australia” She began like most other Hole concerts with Violet, and finished with Celebrity Skin. She did an excellent and rather sad rendision of ‘Northern Star’ but soon brought the mood up with an energetic ‘Reason’s to be Beautiful’ Unfortunately they didn’t do ‘Use once and Destroy’ (my favourite celebrity skin song)

My only complaint is that the ‘Awful’ single is still to be released, we are told that it is “upcoming” or “soon to be released”

She also declared that Australian men are the “sexiest” in the world! and she gave us a little history lesson, about Australia’s convict beginnings! Hole were on last and the stadium was packed! Marilyn was on before, and before him Korn, there were approximately 40000-45000 people crowded into the Melbourne Showgrounds and thre mood was electrifying! All Melbourne news stations referred to her as “the goddess Courtney Love” and no one could argue with that!

While hosting RAGE (kind of like MTV) Melissa spoke about losing her virginity while listening to a heavy metal CD and Courtney like usual sat there with a smoke in one hand and an ashtray in the other! Samantha declared that she lost her virginity to the lead singer of ‘RunDMC’ and said that she learnt sex moves while filming a Prince film clip (she says that she was fired because she wasn’t able to learn the Kama Sutra moves quick enough) Samantha was hilarious, and definitely put a spark in the show! (she kept a straight and believing face the whole show!) Eric was EXTREMELY shy and he was too reserved to say ‘fuck’, but a little hard talking by Courtney soon fixed that… he whispered it!

In an interview Hole gave Molly Meldrum she spoke about Marilyn Manson she believes that she knows that their are some bad things in the bible, but there are some very good things, she said she can understand why Marilyn does what he does (ripping up bibles) and that she accepts it. “Marilyn Manson may not be the most kid friendly environment but it isn’t horrible. My daughter just calls them the funny monster people”