Press: Hole at The Bloom

Hole in Mezzago, Italy, November 28, 1991

By Pierluigi Bella

In this period, in which the major labels seem to aim to conquer the monopoly of American underground rock (which is a good source of income?), There are those who take the side of the strongest and begin to shoot zero on the ‘indies ‘, First we complain because a brand publishes too many records, then for the exact opposite … Mah?!? A group like that of the Hole, composed for three quarters of girls, is one of those typical phenomena of an ‘underground world’ that could only have arisen from the independent circuit, which remains the maximum expression of the real musical sensitivity necessary to give life to true talents. For the first 33 rpm production of this exceptional ensemble, Kim Gordon and Don Fleming moved, after the very promising beginnings of the singles “Retard Girl” (a beautiful autobiographical song by Courtney) and “Dicknail” (ferocious anti- misogynist).

Leader of the San Pedro band, Courtney Love, singer, guitarist, screamer, author of all songs, intriguing personality and boss, coming from the past in the countryside of Jennifer of L7 and Kat of Babes in Toyland, and now accompanied by excellent Eric (who reveals himself, especially live, a great solo guitarist), from the precise drumming of Caroline and from the expert bass of Jill (ex Super Heroines and Sylvia Juncosa band). Unique experience to see them live at CBGB’s, in an act with a rare attraction and placed at the end as the main focus of the evening; their sound, traceable to Sonic Youth but influenced, as Courtney suggests, by Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young and Carpenters (!), is a mighty mix of rock and distortion. On this LP C. Love begins by singing “I’m a Teenage Whore …” and continues along with other compositions that personify a sick youth, a contemporary reality, a generation that grew up with a void inside, with a … ‘hole’that widens. Hole on the Inside. Follow the Holes, they are great!