Review: Hollywood Rocks Magazine

November 15, 1990 issue.


“Frailty thy name is woman” – William Shakespeare

Well, frailty had nothing to do with either all-girl band at Club With No Name. I think poet/playwright George Meredith put it best when he said women were “the last thing civilized by man”. Now that’s more like it, especially when one of the bands on the bill is called Hole. So much for frailty, eh? This was to be an evening of leather, lace, and lasciviousness.

Hole burst forth with a thunderstorm about hard times and hard people called “Garbage Pail”. Fronted by Courtney Love, star of the Alex Cox (Sid & Nancy) film, Straight To Hell, Hole combines the best qualities of Joplin and Hendrix and fuses the sounds with an atonal maelstrom not unlike that of Sonic Youth. With their unblushing stage presence and scabrous lyrics like “Where the fuck where you when the lights went out?” Hole might just be the beginning of a new underground in LA.

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