Review: Houston Chronicle

Hot secondary bands provide best alternative at Lollapalooza
Friday, August 11, 1995
by Rick Mitchell


AUSTIN – Courtney Love pointed to the dusky eastern sky, where a full moon was shining brighter than the mirror-balls twirling above the Lollapalooza stage.

“Hey, everybody, look at the moon!” the slacker princess said to the youthful tribe of 14,000 gathered Wednesday at South Park Meadows. “Kurt’s on the moon! (Expletive) Hendrix is on the moon!”

“Jerry, too,” added one of the members of Love’s band, Hole.

“Shara?” asked Love, looking a tad annoyed at the interruption while she was holding court.

“Oh, yeah. Jerry Garcia’s on the moon, too.”


For the record, Austin’s South Park Meadows is a much more hospitable environment for a rock concert than Houston Raceway Park in Baytown, where the Lollapalooza festival has been held the past two years.

The venue, located on Austin’s south side, is built on a hill gradually sloping down to the stage. The trees dotting the hill blocked the view from some angles, but also offered much-welcome shade in which the crowd clustered until the sun went down. There was even a bit of a breeze to cool the heat.