Review: Phoenix New Times

La-La-La-La, La-La-La-Larumors of Lollapalooza’s Death are Greatly Exaggerated
by David Holthouse
August 23, 1995


Best Backstage Courtney Love Quote: Said to a roadie helping her log onto the Internet: “What, what, what, what is my fucking password? Hey, what kind of pill do you want? I’ve got any kind of pill you want.”

Best Onstage Courtney Love Quote: Said to a dude in the pit who screamed, “I want to fuck you so bad,” as she came onstage: “You wanna fuck me? If you make it up here, I’ll do it. If you make it past all these big, strong guys, I’ll do it. I haven’t been laid in a while. Come on, be brave.”

Best Stage Presence: Courtney Love, hands down. She stumbled. She slurred. She preened. She deep-throated condoms full of water. She argued with her band about what song to play. She sang the hell out of her songs. She looked really cool with her hair blowing in the fan breeze with one leg up on a stage monitor so as to flash some serious thigh. She played the part of a rock diva burning the candle at both ends. With a blowtorch. She posed hard, but she was a riot to watch.