Review: Seattle Post-Intelligencer

November 11, 1994, by Gene Stout


Hole’s performance at KNDD’s Sept. 10 “End It” festival at the Seattle Center Arena – a benefit for Artists for a Hate-Free America – was another matter.

LOVE OPENED by proudly trotting out her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, and introducing her to the capacity crowd.

Then, armed with the stunning material from Hole’s new album, she launched into a powerful set balancing punk-rockers such as “Gutless” and “Violet” with the more reflective songs “Miss World” and “Doll Parts.” Like her late husband, Love has a talent for countering tender, despairing verses with explosive choruses.

The band’s encore featured an amazing guitar-and-vocals-only version of Leadbelly’s “Where Did You Sleep Last Night,” a song Cobain had done in Nirvana’s oft-repeated MTV “Unplugged” special.

It was an inspiring performance led by one of alternative-rock’s most intriguing personalities.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Love has been standing in front of clubs after concerts to sign autographs for fans. But she won’t sign until the fan answers a trivia question about her band. If they’re wrong, she writes “(Expletive) you.”

On or off stage, Courtney Love is moving toward the status of rock legend.