Tour Diary: Lee Ranaldo

Atlanta was too hot tonight to fully rock after this hectic day; we did okay but last night was much better. I watched Hole’s set tonight for the first time in a few days. I really like the people in Courtney’s band a lot, they’re all really swell – Patty, Melissa, Eric who plays the cello, and Eric. Watching them tonight was cool. Courtney was giving Eric shit onstage in that brother/sister/former lover way they do, and he kicked her in the ass (playfully), which caused her to chase him around the stage which caused him to let fly with a wild sequence of freaky tones from his axxe. I have to say that he is one of my favorite guitar players, and it is always really great to watch him play. He’s so unassuming onstage, yet his sound and playing are always a joy to behold (not to mention his pearl necklace!). He’s got an immense array of vintage pedals all in a rack, and he uses them to great effect in framing Hole’s songs.