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1990, 1991, & 1994

Lots of new content today. I’ve been browsing through old issues of Flipside & I saved some concert reviews for this site. I’ve also spent some time working on shows from 1994. BTW – if you want to use anything from this site on Instagram, please tag @holearchive. I don’t mind as long as I’m tagged. Thanks. ALSO – I try really hard to get permission & find sources for everything on this site, but sometimes it isn’t possible, so if you see anything on here that belongs to you & you want credit or to have it removed, just let me know and I’ll do it. Now, here are the UPDATES for this week:

03/24/1990 – Jabberjaw
09/20/1990 – Beverly Hills Live
10/09/1990 – The Kennel Club
11/01/1990 – The Whisky
11/02/1990 – The Gaslight
11/21/1990 – The Roxy Theatre
02/01/1991 – The Shamrock
03/03/1991 – Jabberjaw
06/14/1991 – Hollywood Palladium
6/25/1991 – The Covered Wagon Saloon
09/05/1994 – Roy Wilkins Auditorium
09/07/1994 – Riverside Theater
09/11/1994 – Seattle Center Arena
09/21/1994 – The Academy
09/23/1994 – Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel
09/24/1994 – The Stone Pony

More ’91 Updates

Hello. Sorry for the delay on updating the site. I had some computer problems, but now I’m back and I have lots of new things to add. Thank you to Paul & @/miss_mmm on Instagram for sending me some great Hole stuff recently. It will take me a while to get all of it posted, but for now these pages have been updated:

03/03/1991 – Jabberjaw, Los Angeles CA
05/23/1991 – Club Lingerie, Los Angeles CA
06/14/1991 – Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles, CA
11/12/1991 – 40 Watt Club, Athens GA